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Data ID Services

The Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) offers two services for registering datasets to help increase access to scientific research data – the DOE Data ID Service and the Interagency Data ID Service (IAD).

Data ID Services Background

In 2011, OSTI joined DataCite to facilitate citing, accessing, and reusing publicly available scientific research datasets produced by DOE-funded researchers.  DataCite is an international organization that supports data visibility, ease of data citation in scholarly publications, data preservation and future re-use, and data access and retrievability.  DataCite members help achieve these goals by assigning persistent identifiers such as DOIs to datasets.  

DOE Data ID Service

Through the DOE Data ID Service, OSTI assigns persistent identifiers, known as Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), to datasets submitted by DOE and its contractor and grantee researchers and registers the DOIs with DataCite to aid in citation, discovery, retrieval, and reuse.  OSTI assigns and registers DOIs for datasets for DOE researchers as a free service to enhance the Department's management of this important resource.

The DOE Data ID Service is a useful tool for increasing access to digital data, as the DOE Public Access Plan noted: “The Department’s Office of Scientific and Technical Information can provide Digital Object Identifiers to datasets resulting from DOE-funded research.  To improve the discoverability of and attribution for datasets created and used in the course of the research, DOE encourages the citation and identification of datasets with persistent identifiers such as DOIs."

DOE Data ID Service Resources:

Interagency Data ID Service

The Interagency Data ID Service (IAD) is a service provided by OSTI to other U.S. Federal Agencies who would like to make their data more discoverable and available for citation.  OSTI assigns DOIs to datasets and registers the DOIs with DataCite to aid in citation, discovery, retrieval, and reuse.  OSTI assigns and registers DOIs for datasets for IAD clients on a cost-reimbursable basis.

IAD Data ID Service Resources:

Data ID Service Benefits

  • DOIs enable researchers, especially future researchers, to more easily discover the data, access it, and reuse it for verification of the original experiment or to produce new results with the latest methods.
  • DOIs facilitate linkages among documents or published articles, their underlying datasets, and other related research objects.
  • Datasets that have been announced and registered become discoverable in OSTI's search tools, including OSTI.GOV and DOE Data Explorer.  Users of these tools are linked to the dataset at the data center or facility where it resides; this increases the opportunity for discovery of additional data, specialized interfaces, toolkits for data analysis, etc.
  • Due to agreements OSTI has with commercial search engines such as Google, data becomes visible to their users as well.
  • DOIs make data easy to cite in a standardized way (DOIs have become recognizable as pointers to important information around the globe), encouraging authors to include this step in their writing/publishing activities.
  • DOIs make datasets more easily citable so that data creators, contributors, data centers, and others, but not necessarily in the authoring of a publication, can receive proper attribution.
  • DOIs are designed to be more stable and persistent links than normal URLs.  Registering the DOI with an international organization such as DataCite provides global resolving and the prospect of steadily increasing visibility of research as third-party services (such as the Data Citation Index) automatically pull and index datasets.

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