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Potsdam, Germany (July 1945)
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Note written by President Harry S. Truman, in which he brags that Stalin did not understand when Truman hinted at Potsdam of a powerful new American weapon. (Scroll down to see the note.) Due to the success of Soviet espionage, however, Truman was incorrect—in fact, Stalin knew about the atomic bomb project three years before Truman did. Truman wrote this note on the back of a photograph of the Potsdam Conference taken on July 19, 1945. In the photograph Stalin talks with Truman and Secretary of State James Byrnes (both have their backs to the camera). 

The photograph of Potsdam is courtesy the Office of the Chief Signal Officer, War Department, U.S. Army; this image, and the photograph of Truman's writing on the back of it, are courtesy the National Archives.

Note written by Truman on the back of the picture of Potsdam below.

Potsdam, July 19, 1945 (Truman wrote the above on the back of this).

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