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The OpenNet database provides easy, timely access to over 485,000 bibliographic references and 140,000 recently declassified documents, including information declassified in response to Freedom of Information Act requests. In addition to these documents, OpenNet references older document collections from several DOE sources. This database is updated regularly as more information becomes available. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at opennet@osti.gov or use the Contact Us link above the Search box.

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U.S. Atomic Energy Commission Atom Information Booklets

Understanding the Atom

The U. S. Atomic Energy Commission, predecessor to the U. S. Department of Energy, published two series of information booklets on the atom for the general public in the 1960s-1970s. The series "Understanding the Atom" were educational booklets for high school science students and their teachers. The series "The World of the Atom" were for the general public. See the booklets.

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The Manhattan Project: Resources

Calutron (Y-12) Operators Manhattan ProjectThe Department of Energy's Office of Classification and Office of History and Heritage Resources have joined together in a collaborative effort to make available historical information and key documentation on the Manhattan Project effort during World War II to build the atomic bomb. See The Manhattan Project: Resources.

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