OpenNet Input System

OpenNet is a U. S. Department of Energy computer system. Access to input to OpenNet is provided only for authorized U.S. Government use for the purpose of submitting bibliographic references and electronic documents to the OpenNet database. The system restricts input authority based on the type and identity of the user.

It is the responsibility of DOE and DOE contractor organizations who submit bibliographic references and electronic full text to OpenNet to ensure that only publicly releasable information is submitted to OpenNet, and to comply with password protection guidelines.

To protect the system from unauthorized use and to ensure that it is functioning properly, activities on this system may be monitored, recorded, and subject to audit. Use of this system constitutes expressed consent to such monitoring and recording. Any unauthorized access to or use of this information system is prohibited and could make you subject to criminal and civil penalties.

If the information you are planning to upload to the OpenNet database contains scientific and technical information (STI, definition), use the E-Link system rather than the OpenNet input system. STI in E-Link is marked for the OpenNet database in the Distribution Limitation field.

The Department of Energy (DOE) is committed to openness. In support of that commitment, we have developed the OpenNet database to provide easy, timely access to recently declassified documents, including information declassified in response to Freedom of Information Act requests. If you are uploading to the database, enter your Logon Name and Password.

Log In for Data Submission
This page is provided for use by those DOE and DOE-contractors who are uploading bibliographic references and documents to the OpenNet database.

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If you want to search the OpenNet database but not upload bibliographic references and documents, search the database from the Search box on the Home page, or the Advanced Search Page