The home of the U.S. Department of Energy's Scientific and Technical Information Program (STIP)

Here you will find background, guidance, and more to ensure that DOE-funded STI is appropriately managed and preserved to support scientific research now and in the future.

Department of Energy Announces Increased Access to Results of Scientific ResearchDepartment of Energy Announces Increased Access to Results of Scientific Research


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What is STIP?

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Scientific and Technical Information Program (STIP) is a collaboration from across the DOE complex working to ensure that the results of DOE-funded research and development (R&D) and other science and technology activities are identified, disseminated, and preserved.

Why We're Here

STIP members, led by the DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), work together to increase the availability and transparency of various types of scientific and technical information (STI).  This site provides background, guidance, and more to support the management and preservation of DOE-funded R&D results now and in the future.

Recently Received STI

Method of forming a joint A method of joining at least two sintered bodies to form a composite structure, including providing a first multicomponent metallic oxide having a perovskitic or fluorite crystal structure; providing a second sintered body including a second multicomponent metallic oxide having a crystal structure... Author(s): Butt, Darryl Paul; Cutler, Raymond Ashton; Rynders, Steven Walton; Carolan, Michael Francis
Device for reducing vehicle aerodynamic resistance A device for reducing vehicle aerodynamic resistance for vehicles having a generally rectangular body disposed above rear wheels, comprising a plurality of load bearing struts attached to the bottom of the rectangular body adjacent its sides, a plurality of opposing flat sheets attached to the load... Author(s): Graham, Sean C.
Downhole component with a pressure equalization passageway The present invention includes a downhole component adapted for transmitting downhole data. The downhole component includes a threaded end on a downhole component. The threaded end furthermore includes an interior region, and exterior region, and a mating surface wherein a cavity is formed. A data... Author(s): Hall, David R.; Pixton, David S.; Dahlgren, Scott; Reynolds, Jay T.; Breihan, James W.; Briscoe, Michael A.
Method for fabricating thin californium-containing radioactive source wires A method for reducing the cross-sectional diameter of a radioactive californium-containing cermet wire while simultaneously improving the wire diameter to a more nearly circular cross section. A collet fixture is used to reduce the wire diameter by controlled pressurization pulses while... Author(s): Gross, Ian G; Pierce, Larry A
Knowledge information management toolkit and method A system is provided for managing user entry and/or modification of knowledge information into a knowledge base file having an integrator support component and a data source access support component. The system includes processing circuitry, memory, a user interface, and a knowledge base toolkit.... Author(s): Hempstead, Antoinette R.; Brown, Kenneth L.
Control system health test system and method A method is provided for testing multiple elements of a work machine, including a control system, a component, a sub-component that is influenced by operations of the component, and a sensor that monitors a characteristic of the sub-component. In one embodiment, the method is performed by the... Author(s): Hoff, Brian D.; Johnson, Kris W.; Akasam, Sivaprasad; Baker, Thomas M.
Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for specimen analysis The present invention is directed to an apparatus, a system and a method for detecting the presence or absence of trace elements in a biological sample using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy. The trace elements are used to develop a signature profile which is analyzed directly or compared with... Author(s): Kumar, Akshaya; Yu-Yueh, Fang; Burgess, Shane C.; Singh, Jagdish P.
Element of an inductive coupler An element for an inductive coupler in a downhole component comprises magnetically conductive material, which is disposed in a recess in annular housing. The magnetically conductive material forms a generally circular trough. The circular trough comprises an outer generally U-shaped surface, an... Author(s): Hall, David R.; Fox, Joe
DNA encoding a DNA repair protein An isolated and purified DNA molecule encoding a DNA repair protein, p95, is provided, as is isolated and purified p95. Also provided are methods of detecting p95 and DNA encoding p95. The invention further provides p95 knock-out mice. Author(s): Petrini, John H.; Morgan, William Francis; Maser, Richard Scott; Carney, James Patrick
Bioluminescent bioreporter integrated circuit devices and methods for detecting estrogen Bioelectronic devices for the detection of estrogen include a collection of eukaryotic cells which harbor a recombinant lux gene from a high temperature microorganism wherein the gene is operably linked with a heterologous promoter gene. A detectable light-emitting lux gene product is expressed in... Author(s): Simpson, Michael L.; Paulus, Michael J.; Sayler, Gary S.; Applegate, Bruce M.; Ripp, Steven A.
Photoelectrochemical molecular comb A method and apparatus for separating molecules. The apparatus includes a substrate having a surface. A film in contact with the surface defines a substrate/film interface. An electrode electrically connected to the film applies a voltage potential between the electrode and the substrate to form a... Author(s): Thundat, Thomas G.; Ferrell, Thomas L.; Brown, Gilbert M.
Fluorine separation and generation device A process and apparatus for the electrolytic separation of fluorine from a mixture of gases is disclosed. Also described is the process and apparatus for the generation of fluorine from fluorine/fluoride containing solids, liquids or gases. Author(s): Jacobson, Craig P.; Visco, Steven J.; De Jonghe, Lutgard C.; Stefan, Constantin I.
Well having inhibited microbial growth The invention includes methods of inhibiting microbial growth in a well. A packing material containing a mixture of a first material and an antimicrobial agent is provided to at least partially fill a well bore. One or more access tubes are provided in an annular space around a casing within the... Author(s): Lee, Brady D.; Dooley, Kirk J.
Systems and methods for detection of blowout precursors in combustors The present invention comprises systems and methods for detecting flame blowout precursors in combustors. The blowout precursor detection system comprises a combustor, a pressure measuring device, and blowout precursor detection unit. A combustion controller may also be used to control combustor... Author(s): Lieuwen, Tim C.; Nair, Suraj
Computer systems and methods for the query and visualization of multidimensional databases A method and system for producing graphics. A hierarchical structure of a database is determined. A visual table, comprising a plurality of panes, is constructed by providing a specification that is in a language based on the hierarchical structure of the database. In some cases, this language can... Author(s): Stolte, Chris; Tang, Diane L.; Hanrahan, Patrick
Method for determining formation quality factor from well log data and its application to seismic reservoir characterization A method for seismic characterization of subsurface Earth formations includes determining at least one of compressional velocity and shear velocity, and determining reservoir parameters of subsurface Earth formations, at least including density, from data obtained from a wellbore penetrating the... Author(s): Walls, Joel; Taner, M. Turhan; Dvorkin, Jack
Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy system and methods for determining spatial locations of defects A method and apparatus for determining spatial locations of defects in a material are described. The method includes providing a plurality of electrodes in contact with a material, applying a sinusoidal voltage to a select number of the electrodes at a predetermined frequency, determining gain and... Author(s): Glenn, David F.; Matthern, Gretchen E.; Propp, W. Alan; Glenn, Anne W.; Shaw, Peter G.
Device and method for the measurement of gas permeability through membranes A device for the measuring membrane permeability in electrical/electrochemical/photo-electrochemical fields is provided. The device is a permeation cell and a tube mounted within the cell. An electrode is mounted at one end of the tube. A membrane is mounted within the cell wherein a corona is... Author(s): Agarwal, Pradeep K.; Ackerman, John; Borgialli, Ron; Hamann, Jerry; Muknahalliptna, Suresh
Displacement sensing system and method A displacement sensing system and method addresses demanding requirements for high precision sensing of displacement of a shaft, for use typically in a linear electro-dynamic machine, having low failure rates over multi-year unattended operation in hostile environments. Applications include outer... Author(s): VunKannon, Jr., Robert S
Hydrogen production by high temperature water splitting using electron conducting membranes A device and method for separating water into hydrogen and oxygen is disclosed. A first substantially gas impervious solid electron-conducting membrane for selectively passing protons or hydrogen is provided and spaced from a second substantially gas impervious solid electron-conducting membrane... Author(s): Balachandran, Uthamalingam; Wang, Shuangyan; Dorris, Stephen E.; Lee, Tae H.
Textured substrate tape and devices thereof A method for forming a sharply biaxially textured substrate, such as a single crystal substrate, includes the steps of providing a deformed metal substrate, followed by heating above the secondary recrystallization temperature of the deformed substrate, and controlling the secondary... Author(s): Goyal, Amit
Methods and apparatus for rotor blade ice detection A method for detecting ice on a wind turbine having a rotor and one or more rotor blades each having blade roots includes monitoring meteorological conditions relating to icing conditions and monitoring one or more physical characteristics of the wind turbine in operation that vary in accordance... Author(s): LeMieux, David Lawrence
Size reduction techniques for vital compliant VHDL simulation models A method and system select delay values from a VHDL standard delay file that correspond to an instance of a logic gate in a logic model. Then the system collects all the delay values of the selected instance and builds super generics for the rise-time and the fall-time of the selected instance.... Author(s): Rich, Marvin J.; Misra, Ashutosh
Induction heating apparatus and methods of operation thereof Methods of operation of an induction melter include providing material within a cooled crucible proximate an inductor. A desired electromagnetic flux skin depth for heating the material within the crucible may be selected, and a frequency of an alternating current for energizing the inductor and... Author(s): Richardson, John G.
Ion beam extractor with counterbore Author(s): Ji, Qing; Standiford, Keith; King, Tsu-Jae; Leung, Ka-Ngo
Methods and compositions for the production of orthogonal tRNA-aminoacyl tRNA synthetase pairs This invention provides compositions and methods for generating components of protein biosynthetic machinery including orthogonal tRNAs, orthogonal aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases, and orthogonal pairs of tRNAs/synthetases. Methods for identifying orthogonal pairs are also provided. These components can... Author(s): Schultz, Peter; Wang, Lei; Anderson, John Christopher; Chin, Jason; Liu, David R.; Magliery, Thomas J.; Meggers, Eric L.; Mehl, Ryan Aaron; Pastrnak, Miro; Santoro, Stephen William; Zhang, Zhiwen
Production of a highly active, soluble form of the cytochrome P450 reductase (CPR A) from Candida tropicalis The present invention provides soluble cytochrome p450 reductase (CPR) proteins from Candida sp. having an altered N-terminal region which results in reduced hydrophobicity of the N-terminal region. Also provided are host cells comprising the subject soluble CPR proteins. In addition, the present... Author(s): Donnelly, Mark
Catalysts for lean burn engine exhaust abatement The present invention provides a process for catalytically reducing nitrogen oxides in an exhaust gas stream containing nitrogen oxides and a reductant material by contacting the gas stream under conditions effective to catalytically reduce the nitrogen oxides with a catalyst comprising a aluminum-... Author(s): Ott, Kevin C.; Clark, Noline C.; Paffett, Mark T.
Method and product for phosphosilicate slurry for use in dentistry and related bone cements The present invention is directed to magnesium phosphate ceramics and their methods of manufacture. The composition of the invention is produced by combining a mixture of a substantially dry powder component with a liquid component. The substantially dry powder component comprises a sparsely... Author(s): Wagh, Arun S.; Primus, Carolyn
Hybrid powertrain system A powertrain system is provided that includes a first prime mover and change-gear transmission having a first input shaft and a second input shaft. A twin clutch is disposed between the first prime mover and the transmission. The twin clutch includes a first main clutch positioned between the first... Author(s): Hughes, Douglas A.