2019 STIP Working Meeting

Plans are under way for the 2019 DOE Scientific and Technical Information Program (STIP) Working Meeting to be held the week of April 29th at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, NY [read more]

DOE Scientific and Technical Information Program -- a complex-wide collaboration

What is STIP?

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Scientific and Technical Information Program (STIP) is a collaboration from across the DOE complex working to ensure that the results of DOE-funded research and development (R&D) and other science and technology activities are identified, disseminated, and preserved.

Why We're Here

STIP members, led by the DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), work together to increase the availability and transparency of various types of scientific and technical information (STI).  This site provides background, guidance, and more to support the management and preservation of DOE-funded R&D results now and in the future.

Recently Received STI

The Changing Arctic

Global Warming Summit

Author(s): Jeffries, Martin
The Clumpy Universe - Lecture 2 of 3 Author(s): Dodelson, Scott
How Long Has Grandpa Been Dead and Other Forensic Mysteries

Was the baby born alive? Can a child's brain really be shaken hard enough to cause death? Was the body dead before going into the water? Does a lightening strike cause any unique changes in the body? Why are hair and maggots becoming so important to the forensic scientist? Let's talk.

Author(s): Baden, Michael
Passing the Baton: Tevatron-LHC Team Author(s): Kim, Young-Kee
The Search for Axion Dark Matter Author(s): Sikivie, Pierre
New Measurement of the Electron Magnetic Moment and the Fine Structure Constant: A First Application of a One-Electron Quantum Cyclotron

Remarkably, the famous UW measurement of the electron magnetic moment has stood since 1987. With QED theory, this measurement has determined the accepted value of the fine structure constant. This colloquium is about a new Harvard measurement of these fundamental constants. The new measurement...

Author(s): Gabrielse, Gerald
Quantum Computing: Solving Complex Problems

One of the motivating ideas of quantum computation was that there could be a new kind of machine that would solve hard problems in quantum mechanics. There has been significant progress towards the experimental realization of these machines (which I will review), but there are still many...

Author(s): DiVincenzo, David
Global Warming in Geologic Time Author(s): Archer, David