The home of the U.S. Department of Energy's Scientific and Technical Information Program (STIP)

Here you will find background, guidance, and more to ensure that DOE-funded STI is appropriately managed and preserved to support scientific research now and in the future.

Department of Energy Announces Increased Access to Results of Scientific ResearchDepartment of Energy Announces Increased Access to Results of Scientific Research


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What is STIP?

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Scientific and Technical Information Program (STIP) is a collaboration from across the DOE complex working to ensure that the results of DOE-funded research and development (R&D) and other science and technology activities are identified, disseminated, and preserved.

Why We're Here

STIP members, led by the DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), work together to increase the availability and transparency of various types of scientific and technical information (STI).  This site provides background, guidance, and more to support the management and preservation of DOE-funded R&D results now and in the future.

Recently Received STI

Encapsulation methods and dielectric layers for organic electrical devices The disclosure provides methods and materials suitable for use as encapsulation barriers and dielectric layers in electronic devices. In one embodiment, for example, there is provided an electroluminescent device or other electronic device with a dielectric layer comprising alternating layers of a... Author(s): Blum, Yigal D; Chu, William Siu-Keung; MacQueen, David Brent; Shi, Yijan
Compact high precision adjustable beam defining aperture The present invention provides an adjustable aperture for limiting the dimension of a beam of energy. In an exemplary embodiment, the aperture includes (1) at least one piezoelectric bender, where a fixed end of the bender is attached to a common support structure via a first attachment and where a... Author(s): Morton, Simon A; Dickert, Jeffrey
Transistor-based filter for inhibiting load noise from entering a power supply A transistor-based filter for inhibiting load noise from entering a power supply is disclosed. The filter includes a first transistor having an emitter coupled to a power supply, a collector coupled to a load, and a base. The filter also includes a first capacitor coupled between the base of the... Author(s): Taubman, Matthew S
Electromagnetic interference filter for automotive electrical systems A filter for an automotive electrical system includes a substrate having first and second conductive members. First and second input terminals are mounted to the substrate. The first input terminal is electrically connected to the first conductive member, and the second input terminal is... Author(s): Herron, Nicholas Hayden; Carlson, Douglas S; Tang, David; Korich, Mark D
System and method for high precision isotope ratio destructive analysis A system and process are disclosed that provide high accuracy and high precision destructive analysis measurements for isotope ratio determination of relative isotope abundance distributions in liquids, solids, and particulate samples. The invention utilizes a collinear probe beam to interrogate a... Author(s): Bushaw, Bruce A; Anheier, Norman C; Phillips, Jon R
Optical memory Optical memory comprising: a semiconductor wire, a first electrode, a second electrode, a light source, a means for producing a first voltage at the first electrode, a means for producing a second voltage at the second electrode, and a means for determining the presence of an electrical voltage... Author(s): Mao, Samuel S; Zhang, Yanfeng
Apparatus and method for controlling autotroph cultivation A method includes receiving at least one measurement of a dissolved carbon dioxide concentration of a mixture of fluid containing an autotrophic organism. The method also includes determining an adjustment to one or more manipulated variables using the at least one measurement. The method further... Author(s): Fuxman, Adrian M; Tixier, Sebastien; Stewart, Gregory E; Haran, Frank M; Backstrom, Johan U; Gerbrandt, Kelsey
Grid regulation services for energy storage devices based on grid frequency Disclosed herein are representative embodiments of methods, apparatus, and systems for charging and discharging an energy storage device connected to an electrical power distribution system. In one exemplary embodiment, a controller monitors electrical characteristics of an electrical power... Author(s): Pratt, Richard M; Hammerstrom, Donald J; Kintner-Meyer, Michael C.W.; Tuffner, Francis K
System for detecting operating errors in a variable valve timing engine using pressure sensors A method and control module includes a pressure sensor data comparison module that compares measured pressure volume signal segments to ideal pressure volume segments. A valve actuation hardware remedy module performs a hardware remedy in response to comparing the measured pressure volume signal... Author(s): Wiles, Matthew A.; Marriot, Craig D
Low latency, high bandwidth data communications between compute nodes in a parallel computer Methods, systems, and products are disclosed for data transfers between nodes in a parallel computer that include: receiving, by an origin DMA on an origin node, a buffer identifier for a buffer containing data for transfer to a target node; sending, by the origin DMA to the target node, a RTS... Author(s): Blocksome, Michael A
Sprayed skin turbine component Fabricating a turbine component (50) by casting a core structure (30), forming an array of pits (24) in an outer surface (32) of the core structure, depositing a transient liquid phase (TLP) material (40) on the outer surface of the core structure, the TLP containing a melting-point depressant,... Author(s): Allen, David B
Actuatable capacitive transducer for quantitative nanoindentation combined with transmission electron microscopy An actuatable capacitive transducer including a transducer body, a first capacitor including a displaceable electrode and electrically configured as an electrostatic actuator, and a second capacitor including a displaceable electrode and electrically configured as a capacitive displacement sensor,... Author(s): Warren, Oden L; Asif, Syed Amanula Syed; Cyrankowski, Edward; Kounev, Kalin
Apparatus and method for fatigue testing of a material specimen in a high-pressure fluid environment The invention provides fatigue testing of a material specimen while the specimen is disposed in a high pressure fluid environment. A specimen is placed between receivers in an end cap of a vessel and a piston that is moveable within the vessel. Pressurized fluid is provided to compression and... Author(s): Wang, Jy-An; Feng, Zhili; Anovitz, Lawrence M; Liu, Kenneth C
Hydraulic engine valve actuation system including independent feedback control A hydraulic valve actuation assembly may include a housing, a piston, a supply control valve, a closing control valve, and an opening control valve. The housing may define a first fluid chamber, a second fluid chamber, and a third fluid chamber. The piston may be axially secured to an engine valve... Author(s): Marriott, Craig D
Method for making nanomaterials A method of making a nanostructure by preparing a face centered cubic-ordered metal nanoparticle film from metal nanoparticles, such as gold and silver nanoparticles, exerting a hydrostatic pressure upon the film at pressures of several gigapascals, followed by applying a non-hydrostatic stress... Author(s): Fan, Hongyou; Wu, Huimeng
Cell-free system for synthesizing membrane proteins cell free method for synthesizing membrane proteins The invention provides an in vitro method for producing proteins, membrane proteins, membrane-associated proteins, and soluble proteins that interact with membrane-associated proteins for assembly into an oligomeric complex or that require association with a membrane for proper folding. The method... Author(s): Laible, Philip D; Hanson, Deborah K
Method for reuse of wafers for growth of vertically-aligned wire arrays Reusing a Si wafer for the formation of wire arrays by transferring the wire arrays to a polymer matrix, reusing a patterned oxide for several array growths, and finally polishing and reoxidizing the wafer surface and reapplying the patterned oxide. Author(s): Spurgeon, Joshua M; Plass, Katherine E; Lewis, Nathan S; Atwater, Harry A
Fabrication of catalyzed ion transport membrane systems Process for fabricating a catalyzed ion transport membrane (ITM). In one embodiment, an uncatalyzed ITM is (a) contacted with a non-reducing gaseous stream while heating to a temperature and for a time period sufficient to provide an ITM possessing anion mobility; (b) contacted with a reducing... Author(s): Carolan, Michael Francis; Kibby, Charles Leonard
Methods for the synthesis of olefins and derivatives The invention provides a method of producing acrylic acid. The method includes contacting fumaric acid with a sufficient amount of ethylene in the presence of a cross-metathesis transformation catalyst to produce about two moles of acrylic acid per mole of fumaric acid. Also provided is an acrylate... Author(s): Burk, Mark J; Pharkya, Priti; Van Dien, Stephen J; Burgard, Anthony P; Schilling, Christophe H
Ultrabright fluorescent OLEDS using triplet sinks A first device is provided. The first device further comprises an organic light emitting device. The organic light emitting device further comprises an anode, a cathode, and an emissive layer disposed between the anode and the cathode. The emissive layer further comprises an organic host compound,... Author(s): Zhang, Yifan; Forrest, Stephen R; Thompson, Mark
Nuclear radiation-warning detector that measures impedance This invention is a nuclear radiation-warning detector that measures impedance of silver-silver halide on an interdigitated electrode to detect light or radiation comprised of alpha particles, beta particles, gamma rays, X rays, and/or neutrons. The detector is comprised of an interdigitated... Author(s): Savignac, Noel Felix; Gomez, Leo S; Yelton, William Graham; Robinson, Alex; Limmer, Steven
Method for determining gene knockouts A method for determining candidates for gene deletions and additions using a model of a metabolic network associated with an organism, the model includes a plurality of metabolic reactions defining metabolite relationships, the method includes selecting a bioengineering objective for the organism,... Author(s): Maranas, Costa D; Burgard, Anthony R; Pharkya, Priti
Performing a local reduction operation on a parallel computer A parallel computer including compute nodes, each including two reduction processing cores, a network write processing core, and a network read processing core, each processing core assigned an input buffer. Copying, in interleaved chunks by the reduction processing cores, contents of the reduction... Author(s): Blocksome, Michael A; Faraj, Daniel A
Distributed parallel messaging for multiprocessor systems A method and apparatus for distributed parallel messaging in a parallel computing system. The apparatus includes, at each node of a multiprocessor network, multiple injection messaging engine units and reception messaging engine units, each implementing a DMA engine and each supporting both... Author(s): Chen, Dong; Heidelberger, Philip; Salapura, Valentina; Senger, Robert M; Steinmacher-Burrow, Burhard; Sugawara, Yutaka
Extended write combining using a write continuation hint flag A computing apparatus for reducing the amount of processing in a network computing system which includes a network system device of a receiving node for receiving electronic messages comprising data. The electronic messages are transmitted from a sending node. The network system device determines... Author(s): Chen, Dong; Gara, Alan; Heidelberger, Philip; Ohmacht, Martin; Vranas, Pavlos
Generating code adapted for interlinking legacy scalar code and extended vector code Mechanisms for intermixing code are provided. Source code is received for compilation using an extended Application Binary Interface (ABI) that extends a legacy ABI and uses a different register configuration than the legacy ABI. First compiled code is generated based on the source code, the first... Author(s): Gschwind, Michael K
Insertion of operation-and-indicate instructions for optimized SIMD code Mechanisms are provided for inserting indicated instructions for tracking and indicating exceptions in the execution of vectorized code. A portion of first code is received for compilation. The portion of first code is analyzed to identify non-speculative instructions performing designated non-... Author(s): Eichenberger, Alexander E; Gara, Alan; Gschwind, Michael K
Thread selection according to predefined power characteristics during context switching on compute nodes Methods, apparatus, and products are disclosed for thread selection during context switching on a plurality of compute nodes that includes: executing, by a compute node, an application using a plurality of threads of execution, including executing one or more of the threads of execution; selecting... Author(s): None, None
Micro/nano devices fabricated from Cu-Hf thin films An all-metal microdevice or nanodevice such as an atomic force microscope probe is manufactured from a copper-hafnium alloy thin film having an x-ray amorphous microstructure. Author(s): Luber, Erik J; Ophus, Colin; Mitlin, David; Olsen, Brian; Harrower, Christopher; Radmilovi, Velimir
Effects of Pin Detached Space on Heat Transfer and Pin-Fin Arrays Heat transfer and pressure characteristics in a rectangular channel with pin-fin arrays of partial detachment from one of the endwalls have been experimentally studied. The overall channel geometry (W=76.2 mm, E=25.4 mm) simulates an internal cooling passage of wide aspect ratio (3:1) in a gas... Author(s): Siw, Sin Chien; Chyu, Minking K.; Shih, Tom I. -P.; Alvin, Mary Anne