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University of California, Berkeley (1939)
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Rad Lab Staff, 1939

Lawrence Radiation Laboratory caption: "Early Radiation Laboratory staff framed by the magnet for 60-inch cyclotron in 1939.  Front row, left to right: John H. Lawrence, Robert Serber, Franz N. D. Kurie, Raymond T. Birge, Ernest O. Lawrence, Donald Cooksey, Arthur H. Snell, Luis W. Alvarez, Philip H. Abelson.  Second Row: John Backus, Wilfred B. Mann, Paul C. Aebersold, Edwin M. McMillan, Ernest Lyman, Martin D. Kamen, D. C. Kalbfell, W. W. Salisbury.  Last row: Alex S. Langsdorf, Jr., Sam Simmons, Joseph G. Hamilton, David H. Sloan, J. Robert Oppenheimer, William Brobeck, Robert Cornog, Robert R. Wilson, Eugene Viez, J. J. Livingood."  

The photograph is courtesy Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

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