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Uranium Mining, Milling, and Refining

Uranium Isotope Separation

Plutonium Production

Bomb Design, Development, and Production

Bomb Testing and Weapon Effects


PLEASE NOTE: The Processes pages are not yet available. Links to the pages listed below and to the left will be activated as content is developed.

Select topics relating to the industrial processes of the Manhattan Project have been grouped into the categories listed to the left. A quick overview of processes involved in the mission of the Manhattan Project can be obtained by reading the summary pages for each of the categories, located in the left navigation bar. Each summary page also has a listing of all the subtopics included within that category. For a complete menu of all process pages, see the comprehensive list of topics below.

Comprehensive List of Processes

Procuring and Processing Uranium
  • Procurement of Uranium
  • Uranium Mining
  • Uranium Milling and Refining
  • Uranium Hazards and Wastes

Schematic showing the flow of gas through a gaseous diffusion cascade.

Uranium Isotope Separation
  • Centrifuges
  • Electromagnetic Separation
  • Gaseous Diffusion
  • Thermal Diffusion
  • Separation Hazards and Wastes

Bomb Design, Development, and Production
  • The Road to Los Alamos
  • Theory and Research
  • Design and Development
  • Bomb Production
  • Hazards and Wastes: Los Alamos

Plutonium Production
  • Fuel and Target Fabrication
  • Reactor Operations
  • Chemical Separation
  • Hazards and Wastes: Met Lab and Oak Ridge
  • Hazards and Wastes: Hanford

Bomb Testing and Weapon Effects
  • Preparations for Delivery
  • Testing the Bomb
  • Assembling and Delivering the Uranium Bomb
  • Assembling and Delivering the Plutonium Bomb
  • Explosion
  • Yield/Efficiency
  • Blast
  • Thermal Radiation
  • Nuclear Radiation
  • Fallout

Sources and notes for this page.

The text for this page is original to the Department of Energy's Office of History and Heritage Resources. The diagram showing multiple stages of the gaseous diffusion process is reproduced from the History Office publication: Richard G. Hewlett and Oscar E. Anderson, Jr., The New World, 1939-1946: Volume I, A History of the United States Atomic Energy Commission (Washington: U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, 1972), 98.

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