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A number of government publications relating to the Manhattan Project are available either as web pages or as .pdf documents.

Cover of the Manhattan Project publication

Department of Energy (DOE) Publications

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) Publications

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Publications

Other Documents and Publications

  • Einstein's Letter to Roosevelt
    • August 2, 1939, letter from Albert Einstein (written with the help of Leo Szilard) to President Franklin Roosevelt warning Roosevelt of the potential danger posed by nuclear energy.
  • Order to Drop the Atomic Bomb
    • July 25, 1945, order from Acting Army Chief of Staff Thomas Handy to Commanding General Carl Spaatz, Army Strategic Air Forces, to attack Japanese cities with atomic bombs.
  • Truman's Note regarding Potsdam
    • Note written by Truman on the back of a photograph of the Potsdam Conference, in which Truman brags (incorrectly) that Stalin did not know about the atomic bomb.

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