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Title: Method of fabricating n-type and p-type microcrystalline semiconductor alloy material including band gap widening elements

A method of fabricating doped microcrystalline semiconductor alloy material which includes a band gap widening element through a glow discharge deposition process by subjecting a precursor mixture which includes a diluent gas to an a.c. glow discharge in the absence of a magnetic field of sufficient strength to induce electron cyclotron resonance.
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Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. (Troy, MI) OSTI
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US 4891330
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United States
method; fabricating; n-type; p-type; microcrystalline; semiconductor; alloy; material; including; band; gap; widening; elements; doped; element; glow; discharge; deposition; process; subjecting; precursor; mixture; diluent; gas; absence; magnetic; field; sufficient; strength; induce; electron; cyclotron; resonance; precursor mixture; microcrystalline semiconductor; electron cyclotron; band gap; magnetic field; glow discharge; deposition process; material including; cyclotron resonance; sufficient strength; crystalline semiconductor; alloy material; semiconductor alloy; widening element; gap widening; p-type microcrystalline; diluent gas; widening elements; including band; fabricating doped; /438/136/148/427/