AEC Atom Information Booklets

Both series, "Understanding the Atom" and "The World of the Atom" have the following introduction.

Nuclear energy is playing a vital role in the life of every man, woman, and child in the United States today. In the years ahead it will affect increasingly all the peoples of the earth. It is essential that all Americans gain an understanding of this vital force if they are to discharge thoughtfully their responsibilities as citizens and if they are to realize fully the myriad benefits that nuclear energy offers them.

Each title below is a link to the booklet. The columns to the left indicate the series - U for "Understanding the Atom" and W for "The World of the Atom"

  W A Bibliography of Basic Books on Atomic Energy
U W Accelerators
U W Animals in Atomic Research
  W Atomic Energy and Your World
U W Atomic Fuel
  W Atomic Particle Detection
  W Atomic Pioneers - Book 1: From Ancient Greece to the 19th Century
  W Atomic Pioneers - Book 2: From the Mid-19th to the Early 20th Century
  W Atomic Pioneers - Book 3: From the Late 19th to the Mid-20th Century
U W Atomic Power Safety
U   Atoms at the Science Fair
U W Atoms in Agriculture
U W Atoms, Nature, and Man
U   Books on Atomic Energy for Adults and Children
U   Breeder Reactors
U   Careers in Atomic Energy
U W Computers
U W Controlled Nuclear Fusion
U W Cryogenics, the Uncommon Cold
U W Direct Conversion of Energy
  W Electricity and Man
U   Fallout From Nuclear Tests
U   Food Preservation by Irradiation
  W Index to AEC Information Booklets
U   Index to the Understanding the Atom Series
  W Inner Space: The Structure of the Atom
U W Lasers
  W Lost Worlds: Nuclear Science and Archeology
U W Microstructure of Matter
  W Nature's Invisible Rays
U   Neutron Activation Analysis
U   Nondestructive Testing
U W Nuclear Clocks
U   Nuclear Energy for Desalting
U   Nuclear Power and Merchant Shipping
U   Nuclear Power and the Environment
U W Nuclear Power Plants
U   Nuclear Propulsion for Space
U W Nuclear Reactors
  W Nuclear Reactors for Space Power
U W Nuclear Terms, A Brief Glossary
U   Our Atomic World
U   Plowshare
U   Plutonium
U W Power from Radioisotopes
U   Power Reactors in Small Packages
  W Preserving Food with Atomic Energy
U   Radioactive Wastes
U   Radioisotopes and Life Processes
U   Radioisotopes in Industry
U   Radioisotopes in Medicine
U   Rare Earths: The Fraternal Fifteen
U   Research Reactors
  W Secrets of the Past: Nuclear Energy Applications in Art and Archaeology
U   SNAP, Nuclear Space Reactors
U   Sources of Nuclear Fuel
U W Space Radiation
U   Spectroscopy
U W Synthetic Transuranium Elements
  W Teleoperators: Man's Machine Partners
U   The Atom and the Ocean
  W The Atomic Fingerprint: Neutron Activation Analysis
U   The Chemistry of the Noble Gases
  W The Electron
U W The Elusive Neutrino
U W The First Reactor
U   The Genetic Effects of Radiation
  W The Mysterious Box: Nuclear Science and Art
  W The Mystery of Matter
U   The Natural Radiation Environment
U   Thorium and the Third Fuel
U   Whole Body Counters
  W Worlds Within Worlds: The Story of Nuclear Energy Volume 1
  W Worlds Within Worlds: The Story of Nuclear Energy Volume 2
  W Worlds Within Worlds: The Story of Nuclear Energy Volume 3
  W Your Body and Radiation