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Title: Reclaiming metallic material from an article comprising a non-metallic friable substrate

A method for reclaiming a metallic material from a article including a non-metallic friable substrate. The method comprising crushing the article into a plurality of pieces. An acidic solution capable of dissolving the metallic material is provided dissolving the metallic material in the acidic material to form an etchant effluent. The etchant effluent is separated from the friable substrate. A precipitation agent, capable of precipitating the metallic material, is added to the etchant effluent to precipitate out the metallic material from the etchant effluent. The metallic material is then recovered.
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  1. (Oregon, OH)
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First Solar, LLC (Toledo, OH) CHO
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US 6129779
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First Solar LLC, Toledo, OH (US)
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United States
reclaiming; metallic; material; article; comprising; non-metallic; friable; substrate; method; including; crushing; plurality; pieces; acidic; solution; capable; dissolving; provided; form; etchant; effluent; separated; precipitation; agent; precipitating; added; precipitate; recovered; solution capable; article comprising; metallic material; method comprising; acidic solution; non-metallic friable; friable substrate; article including; /75/241/423/