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Title: Process for making a cesiated diamond film field emitter and field emitter formed therefrom

A process for making a cesiated diamond film comprises (a) depositing a quantity of cesium iodide on the diamond film in a vacuum of between about 10.sup.-4 Torr and about 10.sup.-7 Torr, (b) increasing the vacuum to at least about 10.sup.-8 Torr, and (c) imposing an electron beam upon the diamond film, said electron beam having an energy sufficient to dissociate said cesium iodide and to incorporate cesium into interstices of the diamond film. The cesiated diamond film prepared according to the process has an operating voltage that is reduced by a factor of at least approximately 2.5 relative to conventional, non-cesiated diamond film field emitters.
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  1. (Batavia, IL)
  2. (Geneva, IL)
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US 5888113
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Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States)
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United States
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