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Title: Switchable encapsulation of polysulfides in the transition between sulfur and lithium sulfide

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  1. Nanjing Univ. of Science and Technology, Nanjing (China)
  2. Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Lemont, IL (United States)
  3. Xiangtan Univ., Xiangtan (China)
Publication Date:
Research Org.:
Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States)
Sponsoring Org.:
USDOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), Vehicle Technologies Office; National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC); National Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province
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OSTI ID: 1756619
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Accepted Manuscript
Journal Name:
Nature Communications
Additional Journal Information:
Journal Volume: 11; Journal Issue: 1; Journal ID: ISSN 2041-1723
Nature Publishing Group
Country of Publication:
United States
25 ENERGY STORAGE; N-doped carbon dots; electrolyte additive; in-situ formation; lithium polysulfides; lithium–sulfur battery

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Fu, Yongsheng, Wu, Zhen, Yuan, Yifei, Chen, Peng, Yu, Lei, Yuan, Lei, Han, Qiurui, Lan, Yingjie, Bai, Wuxin, Kan, Erjun, Huang, Chengxi, Ouyang, Xiaoping, Wang, Xin, Zhu, Junwu, and Lu, Jun. Switchable encapsulation of polysulfides in the transition between sulfur and lithium sulfide. United States: N. p., 2020. Web. doi:10.1038/s41467-020-14686-2.
Fu, Yongsheng, Wu, Zhen, Yuan, Yifei, Chen, Peng, Yu, Lei, Yuan, Lei, Han, Qiurui, Lan, Yingjie, Bai, Wuxin, Kan, Erjun, Huang, Chengxi, Ouyang, Xiaoping, Wang, Xin, Zhu, Junwu, & Lu, Jun. Switchable encapsulation of polysulfides in the transition between sulfur and lithium sulfide. United States.
Fu, Yongsheng, Wu, Zhen, Yuan, Yifei, Chen, Peng, Yu, Lei, Yuan, Lei, Han, Qiurui, Lan, Yingjie, Bai, Wuxin, Kan, Erjun, Huang, Chengxi, Ouyang, Xiaoping, Wang, Xin, Zhu, Junwu, and Lu, Jun. Wed . "Switchable encapsulation of polysulfides in the transition between sulfur and lithium sulfide". United States.
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