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Title: Spin noise and damping in individual metallic ferromagnetic nanoparticles

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Publisher's Accepted Manuscript
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Physical Review B
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Journal Name: Physical Review B Journal Volume: 96 Journal Issue: 24; Journal ID: ISSN 2469-9950
American Physical Society
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United States

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Jiang, W. C., Nunn, G., Gartland, P., and Davidović, D. Spin noise and damping in individual metallic ferromagnetic nanoparticles. United States: N. p., 2017. Web.
Jiang, W. C., Nunn, G., Gartland, P., & Davidović, D. Spin noise and damping in individual metallic ferromagnetic nanoparticles. United States.
Jiang, W. C., Nunn, G., Gartland, P., and Davidović, D. Fri . "Spin noise and damping in individual metallic ferromagnetic nanoparticles". United States.
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doi = {10.1103/PhysRevB.96.241402},
journal = {Physical Review B},
number = 24,
volume = 96,
place = {United States},
year = {2017},
month = {12}

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