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Office of Scientific and Technical Information

OSTI's Vision, Mission, Goals


The Office of Scientific and Technical Information will fulfill a critical U.S. Department of Energy mission to ensure long-term preservation of and access to the results of DOE research and development (R&D) investments. Across the full spectrum of DOE R&D programs, OSTI strives to provide accountability for all DOE scientific and technical information (STI) in its many formsthrough electronic, efficient, and user-friendly tools and technology.


The mission of the Office of Scientific and Technical Information is to advance science and sustain technological creativity by making R&D findings available and useful to Department of Energy researchers and the public.


  1. Accountability for DOE R&D Results Collection of Scientific and Technical Information
  • Transform and modernize STI ingest processes and systems.
  • Target increased comprehensiveness for all forms of STI.
  • Build a comprehensive collection of DOE classified/UCNI, CUI R&D results.
  1. Permanently Preserve DOEs Scientific Record
  • Accelerate preservation of legacy scientific collection and strategically manage and preserve born digital STI.
  • Expand intake and preservation services for new open science research outputs (data, source code, etc.).
  • Enhance infrastructure for classified, UCNI, and CUI research to deliver a reliable and regulatory-compliant preservation and delivery network.
  1. Broad Discovery, Use, and Visibility of DOE R&D Results
  • Increase role in open science through persistent identifier services.
  • Provide and develop leading-edge discovery tools.
  • Provide quality collection curation.
  • Provide secure, need-to-know-based search and retrieval for classified and UCNI STI.
  1. Provide Core Technologies, Expertise, and Specialized Tools and Services to Maximize the Value and Impact of DOEs R&D and Information Capabilities
  • Provide a leading-edge technology infrastructure to enable responsive and secure collection, preservation, and dissemination of DOEs R&D results.
  • Bolster product development processes.
  • More broadly deploy artificial intelligence.
  • Support the Office of Science mission.
  • Provide services and expertise to DOE, federal, and international partners.