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Title: Soldering instrument safety improvements

A safe soldering device includes a retractable heat shield which can be moved between a first position in which the solder tip of the device is exposed for soldering operation and a second position in which the solder tip is covered by the heat shield. Preferably, the heat shield is biased towards the second position and may be locked in the first position for ease of use. When the soldering device is equipped with a vacuum system, the heat shield may serve to guide the flow of gases and heat from the solder tip away from the work area. The heat shield is preferably made of non-heatsinking plastic.
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US 5524809
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United States
soldering; instrument; safety; improvements; safe; device; retractable; heat; shield; moved; position; solder; tip; exposed; operation; covered; preferably; biased; towards; locked; ease; equipped; vacuum; serve; guide; flow; gases; non-heatsinking; plastic; heat shield; biased towards; /228/219/