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Title: Process for producing modified microorganisms for oil treatment at high temperatures, pressures and salinity

This invention relates to the preparation of new, modified organisms, through challenge growth processes, that are viable in the extreme temperature, pressure and pH conditions and salt concentrations of an oil reservoir and that are suitable for use in microbial enhanced oil recovery. The modified microorganisms of the present invention are used to enhance oil recovery and remove sulfur compounds and metals from the crude oil. The processes are comprised of steps which successively limit the carbon sources and increase the temperature, pressure and salinity of the media. This is done until microbial strains are obtained that are capable of growing in essentially crude oil as a carbon source and at a temperature range from about C. to C., at a pressure range from about 2,000 to 2,500 psi and at a salinity range from about 1.3 to 35%.
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Associated Universities, Inc. (Washington, DC) BNL
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US 5492828
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United States
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