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Tagged Release Preservation and DOI Assignment in DOE CODE



Figure 277887: Illustrates how DOE CODE displays a software project record

Figure 277887: DOE CODE sample software project page

This image illustrates how DOE CODE displays a software project page.

On the left is a column displaying resource metadata, including the DOI. On the right is a wider column, which displays an abstract describing the purpose of the software project, a list of the developers, and other information.

DOE CODE now offers individual record submission and DOI registration for tagged releases (link is external) of software by allowing DOE CODE users to submit a repository URL to a tagged release hosted in GitHub.  Previously, DOE CODE only allowed for and provided a link in the record to the latest version of the code at GitHub so that older versions, or releases, were not easily accessible.  The ability to create individual records in DOE CODE, with DOIs for each release, makes them easier to discover and cite and promotes reuse and reproducibility.

During the DOE CODE record submission process for open source software, users are asked to provide a URL to the software repository where the code is hosted. Using the repository URL, DOE CODE automatically uploads a copy of that software from the repository to fulfill OSTI’s preservation requirements with no additional burden on the submitter. With the new tagged release functionality, if a GitHub link is provided to a tagged release, OSTI will upload the tagged release version for preservation purposes in the form of a zip or tar file.

DOE CODE also provides existing functionality (the Make Version option) that allows the association of various software releases; you can create a DOE CODE record that is a newer or previous version of any DOE CODE record you have already submitted and the relationships will be reflected in their metadata.  This option, coupled with the ability to assign DOIs to each version, will make all versions of the software more accessible to a wider audience.

OSTI is very interested in feedback on these new features.  Please send comments and questions to doecode@osti.gov.  For more information, you can visit our DOE CODE FAQs and read other DOE CODE News.

DOE CODE is a collaborative, open source platform developed by OSTI and provides functionality for the submission, archiving, and discovery of scientific and business software funded by the Department of Energy.