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Title: Shear wave transducer for stress measurements in boreholes

A technique and apparatus for estimating in situ stresses by measuring stress-induced velocity anisotropy around a borehole. Two sets each of radially and tangentially polarized transducers are placed inside the hole with displacement directions either parallel or perpendicular to the principal stress directions. With this configuration, relative travel times are measured by both a pulsed phase-locked loop technique and a cross correlation of digitized waveforms. The biaxial velocity data is used to back-calculate the applied stress.
  1. (Castro Valley, CA)
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US 4641520
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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), Livermore, CA
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United States
shear; wave; transducer; stress; measurements; boreholes; technique; apparatus; estimating; situ; stresses; measuring; stress-induced; velocity; anisotropy; borehole; sets; radially; tangentially; polarized; transducers; placed; inside; displacement; directions; parallel; perpendicular; principal; stress; directions; configuration; relative; travel; times; measured; pulsed; phase-locked; loop; technique; correlation; digitized; waveforms; biaxial; velocity; data; back-calculate; applied; stress; shear wave; placed inside; travel time; stress measurements; phase-locked loop; measuring stress; wave transducer; velocity anisotropy /73/367/