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Title: Process for forming sulfuric acid

An improved electrode is disclosed for the anode in a sulfur cycle hydrogen generation process where sulfur dioxie is oxidized to form sulfuric acid at the anode. The active compound in the electrode is palladium, palladium oxide, an alloy of palladium, or a mixture thereof. The active compound may be deposited on a porous, stable, conductive substrate.
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US 4306950
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United States
process; forming; sulfuric; acid; improved; electrode; disclosed; anode; sulfur; cycle; hydrogen; generation; process; sulfur; dioxie; oxidized; form; sulfuric; acid; anode; active; compound; electrode; palladium; palladium; oxide; alloy; palladium; mixture; active; compound; deposited; porous; stable; conductive; substrate; conductive substrate; sulfuric acid; sulfuric acid; active compound; active compound; improved electrode; hydrogen generation; palladium oxide; generation process /205/204/