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Title: SMARTS: Exploiting Temporal Locality and Parallelism through Vertical Execution

In the solution of large-scale numerical prob- lems, parallel computing is becoming simultaneously more important and more difficult. The complex organization of today's multiprocessors with several memory hierarchies has forced the scientific programmer to make a choice between simple but unscalable code and scalable but extremely com- plex code that does not port to other architectures. This paper describes how the SMARTS runtime system and the POOMA C++ class library for high-performance scientific computing work together to exploit data parallelism in scientific applications while hiding the details of manag- ing parallelism and data locality from the user. We present innovative algorithms, based on the macro -dataflow model, for detecting data parallelism and efficiently executing data- parallel statements on shared-memory multiprocessors. We also desclibe how these algorithms can be implemented on clusters of SMPS.
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ON: DE00007401
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Conference: International Conference Supercomputing (ICS99), Rhodes, Greece, June 20-25, 1999
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Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Los Alamos, NM
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USDOE Office of Energy Research (ER)
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United States
99 MATHEMATICS, COMPUTERS, INFORMATION SCIENCE, MANAGEMENT, LAW, MISCELLANEOUS; Parallel Processing; Parallel Processing; Programming; Programming; Algorithms; Algorithms; Uses; Uses