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Title: Vehicle-miles of travel statistics, lifetime vehicle-miles of travel, and current state methods of estimating vehicle-miles of travel

This comprehensive review of current statistics on vehicle-miles of travel (VMT) in the United States identifies and evaluates sources of national VMT data for highway, rail, and air travel. From available information, VMT statistics by form of travel have been compiled for 1974. Vehicle lifetime VMT is estimated separately for passenger cars and trucks. A survey of state practices in estimating VMT shows that states use one of three methods: (1) the fuel consumption method, (2) the traffic count method, or (3) a combination of the two. An analysis of state VMT statistics indicates a surprising degree of consistency among the three methods despite significant differences in the variability of estimates produced by the three methods.
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Technical Report
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Oak Ridge National Lab., TN (USA); TERA, Inc., Arlington, VA (USA)
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United States
29 ENERGY PLANNING, POLICY AND ECONOMY; 32 ENERGY CONSERVATION, CONSUMPTION, AND UTILIZATION; AIR TRANSPORT; STATISTICS; LAND TRANSPORT; RAIL TRANSPORT; TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS; BUSES; DATA COMPILATION; DISTANCE; EVALUATION; FUEL CONSUMPTION; OWNERSHIP; RAILWAYS; ROADS; SERVICE LIFE; TABLES; TRAINS; TRUCKS; USA; USES; DATA; ENERGY CONSUMPTION; INFORMATION; MATHEMATICS; NORTH AMERICA; NUMERICAL DATA; TRANSPORT; VEHICLES 298000* -- Energy Planning & Policy-- Consumption & Utilization; 320203 -- Energy Conservation, Consumption, & Utilization-- Transportation-- Land & Roadway; 320201 -- Energy Conservation, Consumption, & Utilization-- Transportation-- Air & Aerospace; 320202 -- Energy Conservation, Consumption, & Utilization-- Transportation-- Railway