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Title: Gas-Recovery System

Nuclear explosions have been proposed as a means for recovering gas from underground gas-bearing rock formations. In present practice, the nuclear device is positioned at the end of a long pipe which is subsequently filled with grout or concrete. After the device is exploded, the grout is drilled through to provide a flow path for the released gas to the ground surface. As settled grout is brittle, often the compressive shock of the explosion fractures the grout and deforms the pipe so that it may not be removed nor reused. In addition, the pipe is sometimes pinched off completely and the gas flow is totally obstructed. (2 claims)
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N42500* --Engineering--Nuclear Explosions; 02 PETROLEUM; NATURAL GAS; NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS; PATENTS; PIPELINES UNDERGROUND/use in recovery of natural gas, design of piping system for; PIPES/system design for recovery of natural gas from rock formation fractured by nuclear explosions; NATURAL GAS/ recovery from rock formations fractured by nuclear explosions, design of piping system for; NATURAL GAS WELLS; EXPLOSIVE STIMULATION; ENHANCED RECOVERY; WELL COMPLETION; ENERGY SOURCES; FLUIDS; FOSSIL FUELS; FUEL GAS; FUELS; GAS FUELS; GASES; RECOVERY; STIMULATION; WELL STIMULATION; WELLS