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Title: Phase diagrams of the elements

A summary of the pressure-temperature phase diagrams of the elements is presented, with graphs of the experimentally determined solid-solid phase boundaries and melting curves. Comments, including theoretical discussion, are provided for each diagram. The crystal structure of each solid phase is identified and discussed. This work is aimed at encouraging further experimental and theoretical research on phase transitions in the elements. (auth)
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Technical Report
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Other Information: Orig. Receipt Date: 30-JUN-76
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California Univ., Livermore (USA). Lawrence Livermore Lab.
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United States
N50230* --Metals, Ceramics, & Other Materials--Metals & Alloys--Properties, Structure & Phase Studies; N50330 --Metals, Ceramics, & Other Materials--Plastics & Other Materials--Properties, Structure & Phase Studies; 360102* --Materials--Metals & Alloys--Structure & Phase Studies; *ELEMENTS-- PHASE DIAGRAMS; CRYSTAL STRUCTURE; DIAGRAMS; REVIEWS