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Title: Role of Microbes as Biocolloids in the Transport of Actinides from a Deep Underground Radioactive Waste Repository

We investigated the interaction of dissolved actinides Th, U, Np Zgpu, and Am, with a pure and a mixed culture of halophilic bactezia isolated from the Waste Isolation H.Iot Plant repository under anaerobic conditions to evaluate their potentiaI transport as biocolloids from the waste site. The sizes of the bacterial cells studied ranged from ().54 x 0.48 pm to 7.7 x 0.67pm Using sequential mimofiltration, we determined the ~~ation of actinides with fi-ee-living (mobile) bacterial cells suspended in a fluid medium containing. NaCl or M=W12 brine, at various phaes of their growth cycIes. The number of suspended kcteria rangy-d born 106 to 109 cells ml-*. Tine amount of actinide associatd with the wspend~ cell fraction (cakzdated & mol cell-*) was very Iow: Th, 10-*2; U, 10-1s - 10-lS; - ~ Np, 1o-15- 10-19; Pu, 10-ls -10-21 ; and h, 10-1* - 10-*9 ; and it varied with the bacteihl - CUIture studied. l%e differe&es in the asswiation are amibuted to the extent of bioamxmdation and biosorption by the bacteria pH, the compo&on of the brine, and the speziation and bioavaiIability of the actinides.
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ON: DE00002439
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Journal Article
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Journal Name: Radiochemeca Acta
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Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM, and Livermore, CA
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United States
05 NUCLEAR FUELS; 55 BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE, BASIC STUDIES; Microorganisms; Microorganisms; Actinides; Actinides; Radioactive Wastes; Radioactive Wastes