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Title: TOUGH3 v1.0

TOUGH3 V1.0 capabilities to simulate multi-dimensional, multi-phase, multi-component, non-isothermal flow and transport in fractured porous media, with applications geosciences and reservoir engineering and other application areas. TOUGH3 V1.0 supports a number of different combinations of fluids and components (updated equation-of-state (EOS) modules from previous versions of TOUGH, including EOS1, EOS2, EOS3, EOS4, EOS5, EOS7, EOS7R, EOS7C, EOS7CA, EOS8, EOS9, EWASG, TMVOC, ECO2N, and ECO2M). This upgrade includes (a) expanded list of updated equation-of-state (EOS) modules, (b) new hysteresis models, (c) new implementation of parallel and solver functionalities, (d) new linear solver options based on PETSc libraries, (e) new automatic build system that automatically downloads and builds third-party libraries and TOUGH3, (f) new printout in CSV format, (g) dynamic memory allocation, (h) various user features, and (i) bug fixes.
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TOUGH3 v1.0; 004924MLTPL00
R&D Project: 830404000; 2016-190
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LBNL chooses to control all distribution of this software.
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Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)
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United States

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