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Title: LCMSNet v. 3.0

LCMSnet communicates with, controls and orchestrates devices for high pressure liquid chromatography. In developing cutting edge chromatographic methods it was apparent that components from different manufacturers were required. Autosamplers, valves, and pumps all had to be controlled and configured to run unattended and in the highest throughput possible. The power of LCMSnet is the ability so build methods in a simple step by step fashion and then the software uses a scheduling algorithm to run the devices as efficiently as possible without crashing critical functions. This latest iteration of the software allows for modeling of the valves and incorporates logic that will report if a fluid path is undesirable. LCMSnet has reduced method development time from days to minutes and allows the ability to check configurations before any valves or pumps are connected.
Publication Date:
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Report Number(s):
LCMSNET V. 3.0; 002604IBMPC01
IPID 30614-E
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Open Source Software package available from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory at the following URL:
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This updates previously copyrighted (limited distribution) software and releases the new software as open source. The related software is LCMSNet v. 2.4 reported 02/28/2011 (PNNL IPID 16349-E).
Research Org:
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Sponsoring Org:
United States Department of Energy
Contributing Orgs:
Orton, Danny Lamarche, Brian L (formerly PNNL) Moore, Ronald J Walters, Chris T (formerly PNNL)
Country of Publication:
United States

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