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Title: A Compact, Backscattering Deplolarization Cloud Spectrometer for Ice and Water Discrimination

This project was to develop a compact optical particle spectrometer, small enough for operation on UAVS, that measures the optical diameter of cloud hydrometeors and differentiates their water phase (liquid or solid). To reach this goal, a work plan was laid out that would complete three objectives: 1) Evaluation of designs for an optical particle spectrometer that measures the component of light backscattered at two polarization angles. 2) Testing of selected designs on an optical bench. 3) Construction and preliminary testing of a prototype instrument based on the selected, optimum design. A protoype instrument was developed and tested in an icing wind tunnel where the results showed good measurement of cloud droplets and ice particles.
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BCPD Phase I
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Technical Report
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Droplet Measurement Technologies
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Droplet Measurement Technologies
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United States
54 ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES; Cloud, ice, water, scattering spectrometer