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Title: Superconformal indices of generalized Argyres-Douglas theories from 2d TQFT

We present superconformal indices of 4d N = 2 class S theories with certain irregular punctures called type I k,N. This class of theories include generalized Argyres-Douglas theories of type (A k-1, A N-1) and more. We conjecture the superconformal indices in certain simplifi ed limits based on the TQFT structure of the class S theories by writing an expression for the wave function corresponding to the puncture I k,N. We write the Schur limit of the wave function when k and N are coprime. When k = 2, we also conjecture a closed-form expression for the Hall-Littlewood index and the Macdonald index for odd N. From the index, we argue that certain short-multiplet which can appear in the OPE of the stress-energy tensor is absent in the (A 1,A 2n) theory. In addition, we discuss the mixed Schur indices for the N = 1 class S theories with irregular punctures.
  1. Univ. of California, San Diego, CA (United States). Department of Physics
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Accepted Manuscript
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Journal of High Energy Physics (Online)
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Journal Name: Journal of High Energy Physics (Online); Journal Volume: 2016; Journal Issue: 2; Journal ID: ISSN 1029-8479
Springer Berlin
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Univ. of California, San Diego, CA (United States)
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USDOE Office of Science (SC)
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United States
71 CLASSICAL AND QUANTUM MECHANICS, GENERAL PHYSICS; Supersymmetric gauge theory; Supersymmetry and Duality; Topological Field Theories
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