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Title: Magnetization and transport properties of single crystalline RPd 2P 2 (R=Y, La–Nd, Sm–Ho, Yb)

Single crystals of RPd 2P 2 (R=Y, La–Nd, Sm–Ho, Yb) were grown out of a high temperature solution rich in Pd and P and characterized by room-temperature powder X-ray diffraction, anisotropic temperature- and field-dependent magnetization and temperature-dependent in-plane resistivity measurements. In this series, YPd 2P 2 and LaPd 2P 2 YbPd 2P 2 (with Yb 2+) are non-local-moment bearing. Furthermore, YPd 2P 2 and LaPd 2P 2 are found to be superconducting with Tc≃0.75 and 0.96 K respectively. CePd 2P 2 and PrPd 2P 2 magnetically order at low temperature with a ferromagnetic component along the crystallographic c-axis. The rest of the series manifest low temperature antiferromagnetic ordering. EuPd 2P 2 has Eu 2+ ions and both EuPd 2P 2 and GdPd 2P 2 have isotropic paramagnetic susceptibilities consistent with L =0 and J=S= $$\frac{7}{2}$$ and exhibit multiple magnetic transitions. For R=Eu–Dy, there are multiple, T>1.8 K transitions in zero applied magnetic field and for R=Nd, Eu, Gd, Tb, and Dy there are clear metamagnetic transitions at T=2.0 K for H< 55 kOe. Strong anisotropies arising mostly from crystal electric field (CEF) effects were observed for most magnetic rare earths with L≠0. The experimentally estimated CEF parameters B$$_2^0$$ were calculated from the anisotropic paramagnetic θ ab and θ c values and compared to theoretical trends across the rare earth series. Lastly, the ordering temperatures as well as the polycrystalline averaged paramagnetic Curie–Weiss temperature, θ ave, were extracted from magnetization and resistivity measurements, and compared to the de-Gennes factor.
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  1. Iowa State Univ., Ames, IA (United States). Dept. of Physics and Astronomy; Ames Lab. and Iowa State Univ., Ames, IA (United States)
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Journal ID: ISSN 0304-8853; PII: S0304885316308204
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Accepted Manuscript
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Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
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Journal Volume: 417; Journal Issue: C; Journal ID: ISSN 0304-8853
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Ames Laboratory (AMES), Ames, IA (United States)
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USDOE Office of Science (SC), Basic Energy Sciences (BES) (SC-22)
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United States
36 MATERIALS SCIENCE; Rare-earth compound; Single crystal; Magnetization; Resistivity; Metamagnetic transition; Superconductivity
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