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California? (n.d.)
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Kasparov, Kamen, and Kheifits

This surveillance photograph was taken by Manhattan Project security officials.  On the right is Gregory Kheifits (KHARON), the NKGB Resident in San Francisco from 1941 to July 1944.  On the left is his successor, Gregory Kasparov (DAR).  In between them is Martin Kamen, a chemist at the University of California, Berkeley's "Rad Lab."  (Kamen was later dismissed as a "security risk.")  

The photo is courtesy the National Security Agency.  For more on Kheifits and Kasparov, see "The Venona Story." See also "The Venona Intercepts, 1946-1980."  See also the group photograph of the staff at the Rad Lab in 1939, which includes Kamen, Ernest O. Lawrence, Robert Oppenheimer, and numerous other Manhattan Project scientists.  Lawrence is bottom row center; Kamen is over Lawrence's left shoulder; and Oppenheimer is over Kamen's right shoulder.  

The photograph below is of Kheifits ca. 1940.  It is from "KGB Archives," via Jerrold and Leona Schecter, Sacred Secrets: How Soviet Intelligence Operations Changed American History (Washington: Brassey's, 2002).

Gregory Kheifits

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