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Figures and Tables Now Available in DOE PAGES



Figure 277314: Illustration shows how tables and illustrations appear in a DOE PAGES search result.

Figure 277314: Illustration for Figures and Tables Now Available in DOE PAGES

Screenshot of how illustrations, tables, and other graphical resources are shown in the DOE PAGES search interface.

When viewing an individual article record, all the tables, statistical plots, other graphs, and figures included in the article are displayed in a grid.

DOE PAGES makes scholarly scientific publications resulting from DOE research funding publicly accessible and searchable at no charge to readers; now, with this recent update, visitors can also see the images from many of those publications without opening the full text.  Over 48,000 images from 7,500+ documents have been extracted from peer-reviewed accepted manuscripts, then carefully curated and made viewable at DOE PAGES.  This feature was first introduced in OSTI.GOV and allows users to see the images found in documents on the record page.  These images, figures, and tables are from the newest full-text accepted manuscripts released from embargo.  They are extracted and curated continuously, so the number of searchable images grows daily.

After conducting a search, if users select one of the full-text results with available images, a sample thumbnail and link will be shown in the left-hand sidebar of the Full Record page; following that link or selecting the Figures/Tables tab at the top will display all the figures and tables from that document and allow visitors to search within those images, and sort by image title or page order. Selecting any of these will open a larger version in the center of the screen, displaying the title, caption, page number, and a download button.  From this view, users can scroll forward and backward through the images or navigate back to the main bibliographic record by selecting Full Record at the top left.

OSTI is very interested in receiving feedback on this new feature.  Please send questions and comments to pagescomments@osti.gov.