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Title: Compact hydrogen/helium isotope mass spectrometer

The compact hydrogen and helium isotope mass spectrometer of the present invention combines low mass-resolution ion mass spectrometry and beam-foil interaction technology to unambiguously detect and quantify deuterium (D), tritium (T), hydrogen molecule (H.sub.2, HD, D.sub.2, HT, DT, and T.sub.2), .sup.3 He, and .sup.4 He concentrations and concentration variations. The spectrometer provides real-time, high sensitivity, and high accuracy measurements. Currently, no fieldable D or molecular speciation detectors exist. Furthermore, the present spectrometer has a significant advantage over traditional T detectors: no confusion of the measurements by other beta-emitters, and complete separation of atomic and molecular species of equivalent atomic mass (e.g., HD and .sup.3 He).
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  1. (Los Alamos, NM)
  2. (Morgantown, WV)
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Regents of University of California (Alameda, CA) LANL
Patent Number(s):
US 5545894
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Research Org:
Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Los Alamos, NM
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United States
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