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Title: Compact mass spectrometer for plasma discharge ion analysis

A mass spectrometer and methods for mass spectrometry which are useful in characterizing a plasma. This mass spectrometer for determining type and quantity of ions present in a plasma is simple, compact, and inexpensive. It accomplishes mass analysis in a single step, rather than the usual two-step process comprised of ion extraction followed by mass filtering. Ions are captured by a measuring element placed in a plasma and accelerated by a known applied voltage. Captured ions are bent into near-circular orbits by a magnetic field such that they strike a collector, producing an electric current. Ion orbits vary with applied voltage and proton mass ratio of the ions, so that ion species may be identified. Current flow provides an indication of quantity of ions striking the collector.
  1. (Los Alamos, NM)
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Regents of University of California (Los Alamos, NM) LANL
Patent Number(s):
US 5650618
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Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Los Alamos, NM
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United States
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