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Title: Assembly of quasicrystalline photonic heterostructures


A method and system for assembling a quasicrystalline heterostructure. A plurality of particles is provided with desirable predetermined character. The particles are suspended in a medium, and holographic optical traps are used to position the particles in a way to achieve an arrangement which provides a desired property.

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Princeton Univ., NJ (United States)
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New York University (New York, NY) ; The Trustees of Princeton University (Princeton, NJ)
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United States

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Grier, David G., Roichman, Yael, Man, Weining, Chaikin, Paul Michael, and Steinhardt, Paul Joseph. Assembly of quasicrystalline photonic heterostructures. United States: N. p., 2013. Web.
Grier, David G., Roichman, Yael, Man, Weining, Chaikin, Paul Michael, & Steinhardt, Paul Joseph. Assembly of quasicrystalline photonic heterostructures. United States.
Grier, David G., Roichman, Yael, Man, Weining, Chaikin, Paul Michael, and Steinhardt, Paul Joseph. Tue . "Assembly of quasicrystalline photonic heterostructures". United States.
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