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DOE OSTI Added as ORCID Search & Link Wizard



Figure 280018: Screenshot of an ORCID record's Works section

Figure 280018: ORCID Search and Link Wizard

Screenshot of the ORCID Works section. Under Add works a dropdown appears and the Search & Link menu item is selected. The Search & Link menu item is highlighted by a green box and the cursor is a cartoon hand pointer.

On March 1, 2021, ORCID (link is external) added a Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) Search & link wizard to its platform. The new DOE/OSTI Search & link wizard is a new way researchers can easily import their works from OSTI.GOV into their ORCID record.

Search & link wizards, located within the Works section of an ORCID record, are ORCID’s recommended way for researchers to populate their record. The ORCID Search & link wizards ensure accurate data transfer and allow the addition of contributor information. Researchers can use an intuitive interface provided by ORCID to establish a connection with OSTI.GOV and instantly start adding works to their record. 

In their ORCID record, users can select Search & link under Add works, locate DOE/OSTI in the list of organizations, and then are prompted to grant DOE/OSTI permission to add and read information on their ORCID record. After authorizing, the user will be taken to OSTI.GOV where they can select works contained in OSTI.GOV to add to their ORCID record in the Works section. DOE OSTI will continue to update the user’s record with new information submitted to OSTI with their ORCID iD contained in the metadata, as long as it remains a trusted organization (link is external) for that user.

Figure 280022: Illustration showing the Works section of an ORCID record expanded to show the trusted organizations list.

Figure 280022: ORCID Works Section Expanded

Screenshot showing the Works section of an ORCID Record expanded. The expanded Works section shows the trusted organizations through which a researcher may find their various research products.

ORCID is a global, community-led organization providing digital identifiers (ORCID iDs) to researchers for the benefit of being uniquely identified and reliably connected with their professional information (affiliations, awards, publications, and more). In 2016, DOE OSTI began providing a service allowing authors to auto populate their ORCID record by claiming research results in OSTI.GOV. The ORCID Search & link wizards are an alternative entry point to that service and provide a centralized way to populate ORCID records from multiple databases. 

For researchers interested in using ORCID iDs, visit OSTI's ORCID iD Guide for Researchers (link is external). OSTI invites feedback about the DOE/OSTI Search & link wizard; all questions, thoughts, and suggestions are welcome.  Please contact us at ORCIDConsortium@osti.gov.