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About DOE Data Explorer (DDE)

Navigating DOE Data Explorer (link is external)

DOE Data Explorer (DDE) is the Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) search tool for finding DOE-funded, publicly available, scientific data records submitted by data centers, repositories, and other organizations funded by the Department.

The data themselves reside at national laboratories, data centers, user facilities, colleges and universities, or other websites.

Use Search functionalities to discover publicly available, DOE-funded data resources. For more information about DDE or its content please visit our FAQs or contact us.

Datasets and Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs)

OSTI is a member of and a registering agency for DataCite, giving OSTI the authority to assign Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to datasets submitted by DOE and its contractors or grantees. The assigning and registration of a DOI for DOE-funded datasets is a free service provided by OSTI to enhance DOE's management of this important resource. See DOE Data ID Services page for more information about DOIs for data.

About the DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI)

The Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), a unit of the Office of Science, fulfills agency-wide responsibilities to collect, preserve, and disseminate both unclassified and classified scientific and technical information (STI) emanating from DOE-funded research and development (R&D) activities at DOE national laboratories and facilities and at universities and other institutions nationwide. OSTI provides access to DOE STI through a suite of web-based, searchable discovery tools and through other commonly used search engines, offering ever-expanding sources of R&D information to DOE, the research community, and the science-attentive public.