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Title: Vertical Drop of 44-BWR Waste Package With Lifting Collars

Technical Report ·
DOI:· OSTI ID:899348

The objective of this calculation is to determine the structural response of a waste package (WP) dropped flat on its bottom from a specified height. The WP used for that purpose is the 44-Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) WP. The scope of this document is limited to reporting the calculation results in terms of stress intensities. The Uncanistered Waste Disposal Container System is classified as Quality Level 1 (Ref. 4, page 7). Therefore, this calculation is subject to the requirements of the Quality Assurance Requirements and Description (Ref. 16). AP-3. 12Q, Design Calculations and Analyses (Ref. 11) is used to perform the calculation and develop the document. The information provided by the sketches attached to this calculation is that of the potential design of the type of 44-BWR WP considered in this calculation and provides the potential dimensions and materials for that design.

Research Organization:
Yucca Mountain Project, Las Vegas, NV (United States)
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Report Number(s):
000-00C-DSU0-00800-000-00A, Rev. 00A; MOL.20021015.0322, DC# 33765; TRN: US0702185
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United States