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Title: Strip casting apparatus and method

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OSTI ID:7168100

Strip casting apparatus including a molten-metal-holding container and a nozzle to deposit molten metal onto a moving chill drum to directly cast continuous metallic strip. The nozzle body includes a slot bounded between a back and a front lip. The slot width exceeds about 20 times the gap distance between the nozzle and the chill drum surface. Preferably, the slot width exceeds 0.5 inch. This method of strip casting minimizes pressure drop, insuring better metal-to-chill-drum contact which promotes heat transfer and results in a better quality metallic strip. 6 figs.

Research Organization:
Westinghouse Electric Corp., Pittsburgh, PA (United States)
DOE Contract Number:
Westinghouse Electric Corp., Pittsburgh, PA (United States)
Patent Number(s):
US 4771820; A
Application Number:
PPN: US 7-126440
Resource Relation:
Patent File Date: 30 Nov 1987
Country of Publication:
United States