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Title: Robotic opportunities for hazardous-waste cleanup

Journal Article · · Journal of Environmental Engineering (New York); (United States)
  1. Iowa State Univ., Ames, IA (United States). Civil and Construction Engineering Dept.

This paper provides those interested in hazardous-waste-site cleanups with both an assessment of robotic opportunities for cleaning up hazardous waste and strong arguments for pursuing the development of this technique. Currently available robotic technology appears to be underutilized in the cleanup of hazardous waste, although it is considered a viable alternative because it offers restoration solutions that are potentially safer and more cost effective than present-day methods. Environmental-cleanup contractors need to become familiar with these issues and strongly consider using robotic techniques for cleaning up hazardous waste that may help them maintain a competitive edge in the fast-growing environmental-cleanup market.

Journal Information:
Journal of Environmental Engineering (New York); (United States), Vol. 120:2; ISSN 0733-9372
Country of Publication:
United States