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Title: Sources, abundance, and fate of gaseous atmospheric pollutants. Final report and supplement

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This analysis of the sources, abundance, and fate of gaseous atmospheric pollutants has considered three families of compounds - sulfurous, nitrogenous, and organic; and two inorganic carbon compounds - carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. With the exception of CO/sub 2/, we have followed similar patterns in our analyses of these materials and have produced rather detailed analyses. The presentation of CO/sub 2/ is only a brief review of the current state of thinking. This analysis has included estimates of annual world-wide emissions of pollutants: SO/sub 2/, H/sub 2/S, CO, NO/sub 2/, NH/sub 3/, and organics. The magnitudes of the natural emanations of a variety of materials have also been considered although we must admit that the means of estimating these emissions are very crude because so little study has been made of emissions from other than urban air pollution sources.

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United States