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pp 63-542 of Radioisotope Production and Quality Control. Vienna International Atomic Energy Agency (1971).
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Other Information: See STI/DOC--10/128. Orig. Receipt Date: 31-DEC-72
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N20340* --Chemistry--Radiochemistry & Nuclear Chemistry-- Radioisotope Production; BROMINE 82; CALCIUM 45; CHROMIUM 51; COBALT 58; COPPER 64; GOLD 198; IODINE 125; IODINE 131; IRON 59; IRRADIATION; LANTHANUM 140; MANGANESE 54; MERCURY 197; MERCURY 203; NEUTRON BEAMS; PHOSPHORUS 32; POTASSIUM 42; RADIOISOTOPES; RUBIDIUM 86; SILVER 111; SODIUM 22; SULFUR 35; YTTRIUM 90; ZINC 65 CALCIUM ISOTOPES Ca-45/production by neutron reactions; COBALT ISOTOPES Co-58/production by neutron reaction (n,p) with nickel-58; COPPER ISOTOPES Cu-64/production by neutron reactions (n,$gamma$) with copper-63 and (n,p) with zinc-64; GOLD ISOTOPES Au-198/production by neutron reaction (n,$gamma$) with gold-197; CHROMIUM ISOTOPES Cr-51/production by neutron reaction (n,$gamma$) with chromium-50; RADIOISOTOPES/production by irradiation in reactor, review on; IODINE ISOTOPES I-125/production by neutron reaction (n,$gamma$) with xenon-124 and decay of xenon-125; RUBIDIUM ISOTOPES Rb-86/production by neutron reaction (n,$gamma$) with rubidium-85; SILVER ISOTOPES Ag-111/production by neutron reaction (n,$gamma$) with palladium-110 and beta decay of palladium-111; SULFUR ISOTOPES S-35/production by neutron reaction (n,$gamma$) with sulfur-34 and (n,p) with chlorine-35; YTTRIUM ISOTOPES Y-90/production by neutron reaction (n,$gamma$) with yttrium-89; ZINC ISOTOPES Zn-65/production by neutron

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