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Title: Gap Analysis to Guide DOE R&D in Supporting Extended Storage and Transportation of Spent Nuclear Fuel: An FY2019 Assessment (Final Report)

Technical Report ·
DOI:· OSTI ID:1592862
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  1. Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States)
  2. Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States)

This report is a condensed version of previous reports identifying technical gaps that, if addressed, could be used to ensure the continued safe storage of SNF for extended periods and support licensing activities. This report includes updated gap priority assessments because the previous gap priorities were based on R&D performed through 2017. Much important work has been done since 2017 that requires a change in a few of the priority rankings to better focus the near-term R&D program. Background material, regulatory positions, operational and inventory status, and prioritization schemes are discussed in detail in Hanson et al. (2012) and Hanson and Alsaed (2019) and are not repeated in this report. One exception is an overview of the prioritization criteria for reference. This is meant to give the reader an appreciation of the framework for prioritization of the identified gaps. A complete discussion of the prioritization scheme is provided in Hanson and Alsaed (2019).

Research Organization:
Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States)
Sponsoring Organization:
USDOE Office of Nuclear Energy (NE), Fuel Cycle Technologies (NE-5)
DOE Contract Number:
AC04-94AL85000; NA0003525
Report Number(s):
SAND-2019-15479R; 681990; TRN: US2102551
Country of Publication:
United States