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Title: PortVis: A Tool for Port-Based Detection of Security Events

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Most visualizations of security-related network data require large amounts of finely detailed, high-dimensional data. However, in some cases, the data available can only be coarsely detailed because of security concerns or other limitations. How can interesting security events still be discovered in data that lacks important details, such as IP addresses, network security alarms, and labels? In this paper, we discuss a system we have designed that takes very coarsely detailed data-basic, summarized information of the activity on each TCP port during each given hour-and uses visualization to help uncover interesting security events.

Research Organization:
Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States)
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Report Number(s):
UCRL-CONF-205756; TRN: US200807%%830
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Conference: Presented at: VizSec/DMSEC 2004, Fairfax, VA, United States, Oct 29 - Oct 29, 2004
Country of Publication:
United States