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Title: Supporting Building Portfolio Investment and Policy Decision Making through an Integrated Building Utility Data Platform

Conference · · Book of Procedings to be published. Pdf versions of papers are available at:
OSTI ID:1247127

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act stimulus funding of 2009 for smart grid projects resulted in the tripling of smart meters deployment. In 2012, the Green Button initiative provided utility customers with access to their real-time1 energy usage. The availability of finely granular data provides an enormous potential for energy data analytics and energy benchmarking. The sheer volume of time-series utility data from a large number of buildings also poses challenges in data collection, quality control, and database management for rigorous and meaningful analyses. In this paper, we will describe a building portfolio-level data analytics tool for operational optimization, business investment and policy assessment using 15-minute to monthly intervals utility data. The analytics tool is developed on top of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Standard Energy Efficiency Data (SEED) platform, an open source software application that manages energy performance data of large groups of buildings. To support the significantly large volume of granular interval data, we integrated a parallel time-series database to the existing relational database. The time-series database improves on the current utility data input, focusing on real-time data collection, storage, analytics and data quality control. The fully integrated data platform supports APIs for utility apps development by third party software developers. These apps will provide actionable intelligence for building owners and facilities managers. Unlike a commercial system, this platform is an open source platform funded by the U.S. Government, accessible to the public, researchers and other developers, to support initiatives in reducing building energy consumption.

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Carnegie Mellon Univ., Pittsburgh, PA (United States)
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Carnegie Mellon University
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Book of Procedings to be published. Pdf versions of papers are available at:, Conference: Improving Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings & Smart Communities Conference Frankfurt March 16-18 2016; Related Information:
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United States