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Title: Tritium Migration Analysis Program Version 4

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OSTI ID:1230199

TMAP4 was developed as a safety analysis code, mainly to analyze tritium retention and loss in fusion reactor structures and systems during normal operational and accident conditions. It incorporates one-dimensional thermal and mass-diffusive transport and trapping calculations through structures and zero dimensional fluid transport between enclosures and across the interface between enclosures and structures. Diffusion structures may be linked together with other structures, and multiple structures may interact with an enclosure. A key feature is the ability to input problem definition parameters as constants, interpolation tables, or FORTRAN equations. The code is specifically intended for use under a DOS operating system on PC type minicomputers, but it has also been run successfully on workstations and mainframe computer systems. Use of the equation-input feature requires access to a FORTRAN-77 compiler, and a linker program is required.

Short Name / Acronym:
TMAP4; 000551IPS0200
Programming Language(s):
Medium: X; OS: DOS 5.0
Research Organization:
Idaho National Laboratory (INL), Idaho Falls, ID (United States)
Sponsoring Organization:
DOE Contract Number:
Country of Origin:
United States

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