Steven Weinberg and
Weak and Electromagnetic Interactions

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Steven Weinberg
Courtesy Dr. Steven Weinberg

Steven "Weinberg is a professor of physics and astronomy at UT [The University of Texas] Austin and is founding director of the Theory Group in the College of Natural Sciences. [He is] well known for his development of a field theory that unifies the electromagnetic and weak nuclear forces, and for other major contributions to physics and cosmology …

Weinberg's work has been honored with numerous prizes, including the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1979 and the National Medal of Science in 1991.

Weinberg is the author of the prize-winning book The First Three Minutes: A Modern View of the Origin of the Universe (which has been translated into 22 foreign languages) as well as Gravitation and Cosmology, The Discovery of Subatomic Particles, Dreams of a Final Theory and The Quantum Theory of Fields. … Weinberg was the recipient of the Scientist as Poet prize from Rockefeller University for "extraordinary achievements in conveying — with passionate clarity — the ideas, history, explanatory power and aesthetic dimensions of fundamental physics." The citation mentioned two of Weinberg's books.

He also has published more than 250 articles on elementary particle physics, cosmology and other subjects …"


Resources with Additional Information

Additional information about Steven Weinberg and his research is available in full-text and on the Web.


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