Leon Cooper, Cooper Pairs, and the BCS Theory

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Leon Cooper
Courtesy of Brown University

"In 1972 [Leon Cooper] received the Nobel Prize in Physics with J. Bardeen and J. R. Schrieffer, for his studies on the theory of superconductivity which was completed while still in his 20s. His concept of Cooper pairs forms the basis of the BCS theory. ...

Professor Cooper is cofounder ... of Nestor, Inc., an industry leader in applying neural-network systems to commercial and military applications. Nestor's adaptive pattern-recognition and risk-assessment systems simulated in small conventional computers and in a Nestor Intel chip learn by example to accurately classify complex patterns such as targets in sonar, radar or imaging systems, and to emulate human decisions in various situations. ...

Professor Cooper is Founder and Director of Brown University's Institute for Brain and Neural Systems. The Institute, devoted to the study of brain function and neural systems, brings together an international group of scientists, drawing on the worlds of biology, psychology, mathematics, engineering, physics, linguistics and computer science. An Institute objective is to pave the way for the next generation of cognitive pharmaceuticals and intelligent systems for use in electronics, automobiles and communications."

- Edited excerpts from Cooper's Bio, Man's Place in the Universe: Can Science Tell Us?, U.S. Naval Academy, November 23, 1998


Resources with Additional Information

Additional information about Leon Cooper and his research is available in full-text and on the Web.


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