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US 2,521,656 IONIZATION CHAMBER – Segre, E. G.; Chamberlain, O.; September 5, 1950 (to the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission)
This patent is concerned with an improved ion chamber wherein hydrogenous material performs the dual function of insulatingly supporting the various metal portions of the chamber while substantially filling the interior portion of the chamber to provide improved scattering, diffusing, and slowing of fast neutrons to thermal energies.

US 2,593,948 DISTRIBUTED COINCIDENCE CIRCUIT – Chamberlain, O.; Wiegand, C. E.; April 22, 1952 (to the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission)
This wide-band circuit for detecting pulses of varying amplitude, based on the principle of distributed amplification, has a resolving time of the order of 10-8 sec. The necessary balancing of the interelectrode capacitances for the two circuits is accomplished by providing staggered connections between the related grid of the tubes and the grid lines.

US 3,195,061  RADIO FREQUENCY AMPLIFICATION BY STIMULATED EMISSION OF RADIATION – Chamberlain, O.; Jeffries, C. D.; Schultz, C. H.; Shapiro, G.; July 13, 1965 (to the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission)
A maser type apparatus in which radio frequency signals are amplified with a very low noise level is described. The amplifying crystal is a paramagnetic salt, lanthanum magnesium double nitrate in which approximately 1% of the lanthanum atoms have been replaced by even isotopes of neodymium. The crystal is operated under cryogenic conditions in a magnetic field. A high frequency pump signal applied to the crystal transfers electron spin polarization to proton spin polarization with polarization values exceeding 60%. The normal bandwidth of the amplifier is 50 kc. The frequency is adjusted by varying the intensity of the magnetic field or by changing the direction of the magnetic field through the crystal. (AEC)


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