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DOE CODE Accepts Limited Availability Software


The United States Department of Energy's (DOE) Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) is working to streamline and modernize the submission of research output records by DOE-funded researchers. A recent improvement to DOE CODE now allows submission of both unlimited and limited availability software, making it easy to provide DOE-funded software to OSTI via one interface.

DOE CODE is the software services platform and search tool for both scientific and non-scientific (business) software developed with DOE funding. DOE CODE, launched by OSTI in 2017, is an open-source platform that provides functionality for collaboration, archiving, and discovery of DOE software. Initially, only unlimited availability software could be accepted through DOE CODE. Limited availability software was still accepted through E-Link, OSTI's submission system for DOE-funded research outputs. OSTI is now transitioning the announcement of limited availability software to DOE CODE to centralize software submission for the DOE community.

When submitting limited availability software records to OSTI, users can digitally upload source code with the records. Unlike unlimited, open source records, landing page URLs are not required for limited software records, and DOIs will not be registered for these records. The landing page requirement for unlimited, closed source records was also removed. After submission of limited software, records will be discoverable to the DOE community via the Science Research Connection (SRC), in accordance with dissemination of other limited availability research output records.

For more information, these improvements are detailed in the FAQs, Help, and Software Policy pages at DOE CODE, or you can contact us at